Welcome to Math Stories!

Here you will find a collection of stories from both teachers and students alike in which we share our many experiences of math class, both positive and negative, both successes and failures.

I hope you look through and find a story that inspires you to push through your math class, or maybe just feel less alone in the feelings you have about Math class.

About me

My name is Luis Feliciano and I teach Math at Guttman Community College and Hunter College. I’ve been involved with Math Education for over 7 years, and in that time, I’ve worked with students from all ages, from Day Care to the College Level.

The further I move away from the student experience, the more I worry I do not relate to the modern day student. How can I really tell what their experience of the modern day classroom is from my perspective? This website is an attempt to answer that very question!

From a pedagogical research standpoint, I hope this can serve as a database of qualitative data for Math Educators everywhere to draw from in their conversations surrounding the relationship students have with math.